STEP Cards are here

Explore 50 shades of infill in a handy deck of cards.

"STEP Cards are the most innovative thing I've seen in the planning world in ages. Every designer, developer, and city planner should own multiple sets. There is not a better tool out there."

Bill Neher, Neher & Associates Designers

Tools for Townmakers, eh?

When to use STEP Cards

Great for architects

Help explain project thresholds and tradeoffs to your clients. Visualize project ideas for both new builds and retrofits.

Great for small developers

Figure out your next project or two based on what resources you have available to you. Sort through the deck to find starter projects.

Great for planners

Map out what kind of buildings are possible and practical within your existing code and market conditions. Learn how you can enable small-scale infill.

Great for public engagement

Infill and intensification doesn't need to be scary. These cute cards personalize development and help communities identify what they want to cultivate in the place they love.

Great for city geeks and building lovers

Anyone with an interest in how cities are built and adapted can learn from these cards. Study the infill options, thresholds, and cash requirements and ask yourself, what is/isn't getting built in MY neighborhood and why?