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Deluxe Notecards

4.13” x 5.83"

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Have a favorite STEP Card? You can frame it, put it on your fridge, or use as a notecard. We love these as a gift for building owners - they are like cartoon super-hero versions of the projects our neighbors put so much love and care into.
Prints are on a heavy, luxurious matte cardstock, easy for writing. Fronts are an oversized version of the respective STEP Card, backs are a the light grey pattern seen on the images. More photos to come.
  • 4.13” x 5.83"
  • 32pt paper

If you would like one of the 25 STEP Cards note pictured here, contact us and we'll include in the next order.

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What does STEP stand for anyway?

STEP is an acronym for:


Small enough for local people to develop and own. Smallness makes these buildings more affordable to build and lease. STEP projects bring homes and businesses close together so people can walk to their daily needs.


STEP Cards show us how neighborhoods can learn. They depict the many life-stages of a home or business, and how places can evolve to changing needs and conditions.


These are working buildings that earn an income. They don’t rely on speculative gains. STEP projects are resilient and generative because they can pay for their own maintenance and adaptation. Entrepreneurial people spearhead these projects by finding creative ways to fill gaps in their market and neighborhood.


STEP projects are brought to life by local people who ask themselves, “What does this neighborhood need? What’s the next smallest step?” Purposeful projects like this make a place feel loved and handmade.

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